• Ich habe mal verschiedenes Versucht. BZX85 15V, BC170, AC121, BC107. Letztere 3 in Collektor Basis Sperrichtung. Die AC121 rauscht noch am meisten. Leider aber wieder ziemlich gleichmäßig. Kaum Popkornrauschen. BC170 und AC121 am meisten. BC107 und BZX85 fast garnicht. Arbeitswiderstand 1Mohm Betriebsspannung 30V. Ralph Berres
  • Jun 13, 2010 · I will finalize the discussion with the spice code of the circuit: Q_Q1 5 2 4 BC548A C_C1 1 2 100n R_R3 2 6 56k R_R2 5 6 10k V_V3 6 0 30V C_C2 0 4 100n R_R4 0 2 15k V_V2 1 0 +SIN 0 20m 200k 0 0 0 R_R11 0 8 1k C_C3 5 9 470p D_D1 7 9 diode C_C8 0 7 0.15u
  • Corning Ware 1970's Spice o' Life pattern 6 Cup Teapot/Kettle. Re:Collection ... Vintage Son-Chief Model 680 2 Slice Toaster. ... BC107. If you were the ...
  • Suche mal nach "bc107 spice model" Wenn du Multisim schon bedienen kannst, bleib dabei (bis du soweit bist, daß du höhere Anforderungen hast). Und für jeden NPN Kleinsignaltransistor nimmst du den BC107 oder BC547.
  • Oct 27, 2011 · .model ZTX849 ako:FZT849 NPN(Vceo=30 Icrating=7 mfg=Zetex).model ZTX1048A NPN(IS=13.73E-13 NF=1.0 BF=550 IKF=8.0 VAF=120 + ISE=2.6E-13 NE=1.38 NR=1.0 BR=300 IKR=6 VAR=15 + ISC=1.6E-12 NC=1.4 RB=0.1 RE=0.022 RC=0.010 + CJC=136E-12 CJE=559.1E-12 MJC=0.267 MJE=0.299
  • LTspice-Addition of Device model(.model) Spiceman 2019-05-13 / 2019-10-08. In this article, We will explain in detail how to add a device model(.model) of SPICE models to LTspice. It is possible to use it without any problem even in addition to the SPICE model of Analog Devices (including Linear Technology) that is standard installed in LTspice.
2n3904 small signal npn transistor preliminary data silicon epitaxial planar npn transistor to-92 package suitable for through-hole pcb assembly the pnp complementary type is
Figure B.4 Equivalent-circuit model used to simulate the zener diode in SPICE. Diode D 1 is ideal and can be approximated in SPICE by using a very small value for n (say n=0.01). B.1.3 The Zener Diode Model The diode model in Fig. B.3 does not adequately describe the operation of the diode in the breakdownregion.Hence ...
* This is a PRELIMINARY Spice Model of UJ3N120035K3S * * * The model does not include all possible conditions and effects, * in particular it doesn't include: ... *$ .model BC107A NPN(Is=7.049f Xti=3 Eg=1.11 Vaf=116.3 Bf=375.5 Ise=7.049f + Ne=1.281 Ikf=4.589 Nk=.5 Xtb=1.5 Br=2.611 Isc=121.7p Nc=1.865 + Ikr=5.313 Rc=1.464 Cjc=5 ...
model bc107bp/ztx npn is =1.8e-14 ise=5.0e-14 nf =.9955 ne =1.46 bf =400 +BR =35.5 IKF=.14 IKR=.03 ISC=1.72E-13 NC =1.27 NR =1.005 RB =.56 RE =.6 +RC =.25 VAF=80 VAR=12.5 CJE=13E-12 TF =.64E-9 CJC=4E-12 TR =50.72E-9
741 Op-Amp subcircuit model for Labs 3 and 5 Note: There is no connection for the Rp resistor in this SPICE model (i.e., the "offset null" connection). This resistor is used to balance out asymmetries in real op-amps caused by transistor mismatch. .model bc107 npn (bf=150 rb=100 va=200 ccs=2pf cje=3pf cjc=2pf tf=0.3ns tr=6ns) و یک سوال دیگه اینکه اینو میدونم که در HSPICE تعداد پارامتر ها خیلی بیش از این حرف هاست مثلا برای یک BJT بعد سوالم اینه که پارامتر هایی که من در مدلم مشخص ...
.model bc107 npn (bf=150 rb=100 va=200 ccs=2pf cje=3pf cjc=2pf tf=0.3ns tr=6ns).model bc177 pnp (bf=80 rb=20 va=200 cje=6pf cjc=4pf tf=1ns tr=20ns).ends This subcircuit implements the functional behaviour of a very popular analog IC chip, namely the 741. The earliest "well behaved" IC to be develope d, it has continued to beBC107 Equivalent . BC549 . PNP Complementary for BC107 . BC177 . Where to use BC107 Transistor. The BC107 is a low signal NPN which is known for its low noise operations making it famously used in signal processing circuits and television receivers. The transistor is still available in market due to its legacy but you will find better modern ...

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