• Nov 14, 1993 · A few that come to mind are the Browning BPS Deer Special, the revamped Ithaca Deerslayer II, Mossberg's 9200 Trophy Slugster, Remington's 11-87 and 870 SPS Deer guns and the Winchester 1300 slug...
  • Feb 10, 2018 · Browning Standard Invector Choke Tubes are available in constrictions ranging from Cylinder to Extra-Full, and produce excellent patterns with excellent uniform densities. These Browning choke tubes are set to industry constriction standards and its flush fit does not extend beyond the end of the barrel of a Browning shotgun.
  • 32. Browning 425 Grade I O/U 20 Ga., 2 3/4 - 3", Ported Barrel, Choke Tubes, SN: 32182NVK33 33. Browning 425 Grade I O/U 28 Ga., 2 3/4", Choke Tubes, SN: 24031NN131 34. Browning Citori Lightning O/U 16 Ga., 26" Barrel, 3 Choke Tubes, SN: 22555PP723 35. Browning BPS Field Model 410 Ga., 26" Barrel, Choke Tubes, SN: 12199MX121 36. Benelli Legacy ...
  • My 11-87 has done well over the years using the Federal foster type slugs. I'm shooting a slug barrel, rifle choke tube with open sights. Used to use a regular barrel with open choke before then and had good accuracy out to 75 yards or so. Just a few months ago I picked up a used 11-87 synthetic with a rifled barrel and plan to shoot the ...
  • We make our choke tubes primarily from 17/4 stainless steel bar stock to resist rust and corrosion. Our choke tubes are heat treated to a high strength level to resist wear and choke creep. Our choke tubes are marked on the head and body with the name of the specific constriction.
  • Choke Tubes Snap Caps. Clothing. Clothing. ... BENELLI M2 FIELD RIFLED SLUG 20-24″ COMFORTECH $ 1,840.00 Add to cart. FIREARMS BROWNING BPS .410-26″ ...
Sep 03, 2004 · Thats using a Browning BPS stalker with 24 inch barrel, using a sandbag. I don't know what the BPS would do if I put an IC or cylinder smooth choke tube in it and shot foster type slugs. the BPS and me are not getting along very well right now. I think it is a personal preference and gun fit thing.
This Browning BPS is ready for your next outdoor adventure! It comes with a 28" ported barrel with a turkey choke and a 24" rifled barrel. This firearm is also a great fit for trap and sporting clays with the appropriate choke.
Browning BPS Rifled Deer Hunter .12 Gauge (3") 4-Round Pump Action Shotgun with 22" Barrel - 12281324 $843.70 Out of stock Sep 27, 2012 · Using a rifled tube, as offered by Trulock chokes, the P-12 makes for a handy and accurate slug gun for hunting game. The P-12 is even better-suited for duty as a turkey gun simply by screwing in a tightly-choked extra full tube.
24" Slug barrel with cantilever mount, fully-rifled bore, and blued finish. Compatible with 20 Gauge Mossberg 500 and Maverick 88 6-shot models.
Shotgun Barrels, Grips, Stocks, and More: Midsouth has the parts you need to build, update, customize, or repair your gun in stock, including Benelli and Remington barrels! Browning has been a leader in interchangeable choke tubes systems since the 1980's. They offer three systems: 1) the legacy Standard Invector, 2) the time-proven Invector-Plus system, and 3) the extreme-performing new Invector-DS system. An extensive selection of tubes in each system provides you with optimal patterns.
Description: Browning 12 Ga. Invector Plus Choke Tube - Rifled Deer "Express Sabot". Rifled for shooting sabot slugs. Tested and proven to produce top accuracy. A tube for today's slugs.Now in 20/28 gauge and .410 bore. Lightning style Grade V/VI satin finish walnut stock high polish blued barrel and high relief engraved receiver ivory front and mid-bead Midas gr

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