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  • Mar 26, 2020 · Originally posted by justsomedrarryshit. Pairings: Draco Malfoy x Reader Request: hi! could i request a draco x reader imagine where you’ve been dating for a couple years & he shows you his dark mark but it ends in fluff?? like draco gets emotional bc its the last thing he wants to tell her but she reassures him that she loves him no matter what !!
  • Draco X Reader (Bullies Have Their Reasons) Summary: Draco has been patronizing you for as long as you can remember, it is only when Blaise decides to get in on the teasing that things become serious. Word Count: 1,613. It was a stormy day at Hogwarts and you had just escaped another one of the Weasley twins’ newest pranks, very nearly avoiding the splash zone of a wide angled spell.
  • A place for book-lovers to read different genres of fictions; A community that helps writers to publish their works. * Hi, my dear readers, my new book: Mr. Possessive Guardian: Please let Me Go! is updating, here is the blurb, hope you like it: In home, he was her guardian, In school, he was her...
  • draco draco malfoy draco x oc harry potter fred weasly reader long reads request writers on tumblr diagon alley hp x reader draco x reader 145 notes Sep 11th, 2020
pairing: draco malfoy x reader fandom: hp warnings: mudblood!reader genre: angst ; fluff summary: it’s sad that the only way for him to protect you is to break your heart.. a/n: oh my god you guys, I’m literally so sorry for not posting in so long. my inspiration for my multifandom stuff has really been lacking lately, but I hope I’ll find the time for it again and especially the ...
Jul 02, 2017 · A collection of my imagines, blurbs and one shots for the harry potter guys. currently: Draco x reader Regulus x reader. Add to library 4,859 Discussion 1,812.
John had recently got back in touch with you after. 12. You had decided to take a vacation in Fabletown to get away from your cheating ex-boyfriend. Draco x reader (she/her pronouns) Word count: 2165. Warnings: Swearing and suggestive content. Draco X Reader (SMUT) Hey, I hope you like my piece, this one took a lot of thinking. Google Reader.
Draco grinned at you, picked you up bridal style, then marched you out to the Great Hall. As soon as the blonde stepped into the hall, your three friends practically appear out of thin air and surrounded you two. "Harry, I told you that Malfoy gave (Y/N) love potion!" Ron said, eyeing you up and down. Draco's cheeks turned red and he let you down.
Magnetized : Draco Malfoy x Reader. Originally posted by daisiesanddraco. Request : Hi!Can I ask for OS with Draco who every night dreams about Slytherin reader even he has never really talked with her-only seen her from afar because she is outstanding and different from others and is a loner.
Princess (Draco Malfoy x Reader) *Requested* I wandered my way into the green and silver clad Common Room finally free of the torment of herbology and made a place for myself on the emerald chair in front of the unlit fireplace. I sighed as I shuffled through my books trying to find my Potions book for our new assignment. Draco X Pet Reader

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