• The Pro-Filer Spreadport HITMAN Series of intake manifolds have transformed the market forever. The HITMAN Series features a Tunnel Ram with your choice of dual or single carb top plate and the ULTIMATE Single Plane. Each manifold is designed to take your power curve to higher levels without costly hand porting. They are truly revolutionary!
  • Next, Blood fitted dual 465 Holleys on a Blue Thunder dual-plane with medium-riser ports, and lastly tested dual 600s using the same intake. Production Ford 427 FE 2×4 carbs ranged between 600 and 715 cfm each depending on application, but even on this big stroker motor, the dual 465s made a smidge more power and torque than the 600s, and were ...
  • Go to Page... Big plane vs small plane in turbulence. The question is if a small plane and a very big plane went through the same area of turbulence/wind, does the small plane feel Flying a single seat modern glider with a 15 metre wingspan, bumpy air below cloud base is usually indicating a thermal.
  • It was 10 degrees hotter on the injected dyno run, plus I went from a dual-plane intake to a single-plane variety. If you look under the hood of modern FI cars, you will see an elaborate intake plenum system (long) that is necessary to build torque.
  • This time on Engine Masters presented by Amsoil, we go head-to-head-to-head-to-head to find the best dual-plane for your buck. Using our longtime test mule 372 small-block Chevy, we bolt up the four most popular Air-Gap¬¬-style dual-planes to compare power and cost, to help you make the best choice for your engine and budget.
  • Make plans to visit us and watch your engine run on the dyno! 426" LEGEND HEMI ... DUAL PLANE AND 1050 DOMINATOR ... FUEL INJECTION W/SINGLE THROTTLE BODY ...
“The first pieces to be released will be for our Eliminator SBC line with two different single plane options, followed by a dual plane. Next to follow with be intakes for our Renegade SBF line and finally pieces for our Magnum 24-degree BBC heads.
The single plane manifold made better horsepower and torque from about 3000 RPMs until 6500 RPMs. It seems to me that it would be a comparable Test. Cubic inches is cubic inches, with a similar size cam,heads and intake on a 350 Chevy versus a 351 ford would basically make the same horsepower
Fig. 6.5. K&N products help customers make more power. The flow-bench- developed and dyno-proven Stub Stack does just that. Although the amount of horsepower produced depends on the degree of modification to the engine, my dyno tests typically showed a 6- to 12-hp bolt-on increase and it usually requires little to no carb rejetting. Single planes sit higher, you get more hp and less torque, same applies with a spacer to some degree. There is at least one exception to the upper and lower plane arrangement in a dual plane intake.
Sep 21, 2009 · Re: Dual Plane vs. Single Plane Intakes - EFI I have not run it on a single but can say the two single planes I have used it worked great on, but feel the same as Chad and you about do you gain enough to give some up down low I would say dependin on converter and gears in the car maybe more down low is still better and give some on top up.
Feb 25, 2007 · BG 6 Shooter vs Edelbrock Dual Quad? Welcome to Club Hot Rod! The premier site for everything to do with Hot Rod, Customs, Low Riders, Rat Rods, and more.
Dual-plane and single-plane variations were produced, but always in very limited numbers and never in a production vehicle. The 427 high-riser intakes are the “tricky” ones. They are somewhat more common than the tunnel port, and aftermarket ones are comparatively regular finds in Ford swap meets. Jun 26, 2007 · This combination clearly demonstrates why dual-plane intakes combined with a single four-barrel carb rule the streets. Equipped with the Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap and 750-cfm carb, this 406 ...

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