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  • Collectors' Patterns. Brilliant cut glass is thick, heavy, absolutely clear and deeply cut -- almost sharp enough to cut you. Other pieces show orange, purple or pink tints under the light, but there are some antiques, such as work from Libbey Glass, Hunt's Royal pattern and Meriden's Alhambra pattern...
  • Stunning Rock Sharpe Libbey Sherbet Pattern 1008-2. Libbey Rock Sharpe #2010-2 Polished Cut Wine Glass (up to 2 available). Fay Wray Antiques.
  • The Libbey Glass building, is an example of this new kind of fair exhibit. It was designed to resemble a palace. With shelves full of glass objects, from cut glass vases and bowls to spun glass ceiling coverings and tapestries, and walls covered with mirrors, it was a breathtaking Midway building done...
  • On the Libbey bowl with the unknown pattern 12-pt double Brunswick hobstars (16-pt on the central hobstar) are used on the hobnails of the principle hobstars. The diameters of the hobnails on the “side” hobstars do not exceed 0.8″ (20 mm); on the central hobstar the diameter of the hobnail is one inch (25 mm).
  • New from Libbey — exciting dimensional designs! The fascinating textures and colors are not just super-imposed, they are a glowing translucent part of each Libbey "Safedge" glass. Vintage patterns shown: Danube, Roses, Golden Frost, Icy Ribbons, Fern Glaze, Medallic [sic].
Nov 12, 2020 · We are a leading manufacturer of glass tableware products and has developed into an authentic brand with clear roots Worldwide, Libbey has established a solid reputation as THE glassware for professionals.
The Gallia pattern features a unique design featuring two styles of cutting: a classic criss-cross pattern at the bottom, with an alternating band of rounds and marquis cuts around the middle, and light, airy grey-cut flowers at the top. The stem is hexagonal, full 24-percent lead crystal, hand-made and hand-cut in Slovenia. … read more
You can use this site to find and identify depression era glass patterns, elegant glass patterns and 1940s, 1950s and 1960s era glass patterns. It contains information about each pattern and has pictures of most patterns. All information contained in this site is to the best of our knowledge. The figured glass patterns are :- Arctic Large; Arctic Small; Muranese Small, Muranese Medium; Muranese Large; Pinhead Morocco; Cretan; Oceanic; Rose; Maltese; Japanese; Kaleidoscope; Rippled; Quilted; Persian; Shell; Arabesque. Small Hammered and Double Rolled Cathedral are made in about 100 different sades, including Green, Blue, Amber and Pink.
Aug 13, 2013 · This bowl is cut in the rare and extremely well-done Wedgemere pattern by Libbey. Wedgemere was one of Libbey’s early patterns so the entire piece is wood-wheel polished and deeply cut. The blank, like many of the earlier Libbey, is exceptional. The Wedgemere pattern hinges on the center-most point of this bowl.
This extremely popular and versatile shape has been a hit for chandlers trading at markets & online. The geometric pattern on these cut glass jars adds a sophisticated touch. Production by hand rather than machine ensures our Glass Range are stronger, safer and have greater heat resistance than others on the market. SPECIFICATIONS... Since Libbey no longer produces handware or does cutting and engraving, this creates an opportunity for the collector of American glass to form a collection of Libbey glass by periods: 1) Cut Glass (Brilliant), 2) Lightware - Rock Crystal, 3) Amberina - colored glass, 4) Libbey-Nash, 5) Modern American, 6) Machine made-cut, and 7) Miscellaneous paperweights, whimsies, etc., made by the workers and not sold commercially.
Lismore Craftsmanship: a fusion of inspiration from the landscape and skills passed down generation to generation. Such a story lies behind Lismore, the most enduring crystal-cut in history. The Lismore Collection was launched in 1952 and now, over 66 years later, it is the only design from this period that still remains. Of all of Waterford Crystal’s cuts Lismore is the most loved ... Get the best deal for Drinkware/Stemware Libbey 40s, ... Vintage Libbey MCM Frosted Glass Stemware Gold Pine Cone Pattern. ... Libbey Rock Sharpe 3005-4 Cut Crystal ...

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