• Aug 31, 2013 · Lycoming service bulletin SB258 was printed in 1959 to address rough running in Piper Aircraft. They had found that the 10-3678-32 carb (and I think all O-320 carbs of the MA-4SPA type as they will all have this step) should not be fitted to the tapered riser sump (or O-360 sump) as there would be a step after the carb that could cause, rough ...
  • 6. AVCO-Lyccming Service Bulletin No. 448 covering Transition and Wastegate Assembly Replacement is forthcoming and is expected to be released approximately March 28, 1980. Inspection and replacement requirements of Piper Service Bulletin No. 675 will be relieved by compliance with Lycoming Service Bulletin No. 448.
  • Information Bulletin (SAIB) CE-06-33R1 dated 12 April 2006; Precision Airmotive Mandatory Service Bulletin MSA-13 dated 30 January 2008; and Lycoming Service Bulletin (SB) 582A dated 10 October 2008. Description: The FAA published the referenced advisory document to alert owners, operators, repair facilities and mechanics of service
  • Aircraft Engine Overhaul
  • Before reusing Rocker Arm Assembly P/N LW18970, refer to the latest revision of Lycoming Service Bulletin No. 477 (AD 87-10-06). NOTE The new Rocker Arm Assembly P/N 17F19357 can be installed in either the intake or exhaust valve position without changing the other rocker on that cylinder.
  • Aug 04, 2013 · (Slick SB1-98, Lycoming SB 537) Affects 540 engines with 5th order counter weights. I am trying to figure out how to go about this service bulletin.
STOL CH 801 Zenith Aircraft Company www.zenithair.com LYCOMING O-360 SECTION 3 - Page 1 of 11 Revision 1.0 (12/01) © 2001 Zenith Aircraft Co ELECTRIC
Beginning in 2000 the Academic Bulletins were issued only on the Web. For access to issues dated after 2000, please contact the College Archives at 570-321-4333 or at [email protected]
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Service Bulletin No. 471 B Lycoming Engines Oil Additive P/N LW-16702. Service Instructions 01.16.09. Service Instruction No. 1525 Reprint of Precision Service ...
Page 1 In order to accommodate clearer type, larger charts and graphs, and more detailed illustrations, this edition of the TIO-540 Operator’s Manual, Lycoming Part Number 60297-23A is presented in an 8-1/2 x 11 inch format. service bulletin is to provide information to Piper Chieftain owners, operators, and maintenance personnel regarding the inspection and factory repair of the KAPS 200F Series fuel pumps.
Lycoming Engines is a division of Avco Corporation. After compliance with this Service Bulletin, if fuel leakage is found at a subsequent inspection, contact Lycoming Technical Support Hotline: +1 (877) 839-7878 (Toll Free) +1 (570) 327-7222 Models MA-3A, MA-3PA, MA-3SPA, and MA-4SPA have four screws. Service Bulletin 2007-001: Wing Lift Strut Assembly Corrosion Inspection: Univair Aircraft: Service Bulletin P-1: J-3, PA-11, PA-12 and PA-18 Throttle Inspection. Service Bulletin P-2: Inspection of Landing Gear Hydrasorb Shock Struts. Service Letter No. 100: Stamped Piper Aluminum Rib Field Repair Process

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