• JB4 Applications • 2016+ Q50/Q60 2.0L Turbo Pure. JB4 Map Guide. Map 0: Disables tuner Map 1: Up to 4psi over stock peak, suitable for all 91 octane+ fuels Map 2: Up to 5psi over stock peak, suggested for 93octane+ Map 3: User definable fixed boost profile map (boost safety used to determine fixed boost over stock)
  • JB4 Group 6: The JB4 is a true user adjustable plug and play solution for all MLB based models in the VW Audi Group range. Power Gains: Starting at 50bhp and 70ft lb with 91 octane/95Ron with + 4.0psi boost over stock on the default setting with no further mapping.
  • Home › JB4 Performance Tuner for Infiniti Q50/Q60 2.0T. ... Map 5: 6.5psi over stock peak, holding more power to redline, suggested for E30+ or unleaded race gas ...
  • €55.00 -50% €27.50.
  • 50-110 MPH pull, JB4 map 6 7.5 boost 93 Octane Catless downpipe VWR drop-in air filter, Snow guard removed See my JB1 ... The one you've been waiting for... a 0-60 test between a JB4 Map 6 tuned Golf R vs a standard Golf R. I tested this by removing ...
View the most accurate 0-60 times, 1/4 mile times, and other performance specs from the most popular car magazine sources in our vast database.
Check out n54tech.com under the Q50/60 tread for more info on logging and map 6. The difference with map 6 is that you can adjust the boost in each rpm range. So you can build boost up to the max you want then taper down after your out of the ideal range for full boost. So I have 8psi at only 4k-5k then taper it down little by little until 0 by 7k.
Nov 09, 2020 · Just installed my JB4 on map 2/3 on 91 to test out my 0-60 but my times are inconsistent. I’ve gotten between 4.03-4.6 on my 0-60 with about 6 runs. My procedure is to set car to dynamic, put in sport, turn off ESC, hold on brakes, then release brakes and launch when boost gauge is at 90 percent. Apr 05, 2017 · Using Infiniti’s already potent Q50 & Q60 “Red Sport” trim level AMS will build the ultimate Infiniti street cars. Infiniti and AMS will not stop there. AMS Performance is planning on offering purpose engineered and built products to customers world wide as part of Infiniti’s motorsport catalog.
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Видео Jb4 q50 q60 INSTALL (EASY WAY) канала Boost In Motion. Runway How to PROPERLY Spray Paint (Valve Covers and Engine Parts) INFINITI Q50 JB4 INSTALLATION & TRACK RESULTS / Easy 100hp Modification 2020 + nissan gtr what to expect?Infiniti Q50 Q60 JB4 Installation & Track Results. Easy 100hp Modification.Learn how to install the best Bang for the Buck horsepower mod for your Q50 Q60 3...
3VtZW50RnJhbWUnKS5jb250ZW50V2luZG93LiQoIi5hbGVydC1zdWNjZXNzIikuaHRtbCgiU3VjY2Vzc2Z1bGx5IGxvYWRlZCIpOw0KCQkJCWRvY3VtZW50LmdldEVsZW1lbnRCeUlkKCdkb2N1bWVudEZyYW1lJykuY29udGVudFdpbmRvdy5Sb2Jsb3guQm9vdHN0cmFwV2lkZ2V0cy5Ub.JB4 comes with several different "maps". Map1 is like an off the shelf tune, but with a slightly lower output than Map2. If you want to run custom settings, you can take a couple quick logs, and email them to BMS and they will work with you to come up with a custom map6 for free!

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