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  • Shell Spirax S4 AX oil is what Eaton supposedly uses to test the performance of the TrueTrac in their own development labs. it comes in 80w-90 and 75w-140 pepboys has the 75w140 for $3.40 a quart https://www.pepboys.com/shell-85w-140-spirax-heavy-duty-gear-oil-quart/product/1103577
  • Aug 18, 2016 · So, I have a Moser 9" rear with a Detroit Truetrac & 4.11 gears. I have had this unit for about 10 or so years. In the past I have always used a GL-5 rated petroleum-based gear oil with no friction modifiers.
  • The key to a well performing limited slip differential is selecting the proper friction plates, spring load, gear oil, and friction modifiers for the given application. The biggest problem with limited slip differentials is that every time the vehicle turns and the tires are forced to spin at different speeds, the clutches are rubbing against ...
  • Aug 29, 2014 · The 5th Gen Truetrac is designed to accept stock or aftermarket 31-spline half-shafts and requires only traditional 80W90 gear oil, with no friction modifiers added to the mix. In fact, Eaton also stresses that unlike the stock limited-slip differential, the Truetrac needs resistance to work properly, so conventional oil is specified over “too-slippery” synthetic oils.
  • I run Red Line Synthetic 75w90 GL-5 oil in all my Differentials Even the #400lb Eaton Clutch unit... the GL-5 has the friction modifiers already in it..so it doesnt need additive.. I also talked to Torsen about this oil years ago and they said it didnt matter if the oil had the limited slip additive or not, if it did it wouldn't hurt the unit ...
Detroit Truetrac Differentials The Detroit Truetrac was the first helical gear differential ever Detroit Truetrac's proven helical gear design eliminates the need for wearable parts, resulting in...
The only Ford limited slip differential available for the 9-inch ('57-'68) was the Ford Equa-Lok --not good for high horse power or high torque loads. Steve 1969 SWB F100 Ranger. 240-6, C-4, 9" N-case 31-spline Traction-Lok w/3.50 gears.
KAAZ's performance gear oil is specially formulated for your genuine KAAZ Limited Slip Differential. Using the most advanced formula's, KAAZ gear oil is designed to protect your components with high temperature stability and high shock load protection. KAAZ Genuine Oil contains exclusive friction modifier blended into the gear oil in order to reduce hypoid gear noise and chattering while ... The operation of the TrueTrac is very different than most limited-slip differentials, which need a certain amount of friction modifier to avoid chatter. So, best choice is a traditional mineral-based gear oil without (or low level of) friction modifiers. Next choice would be synthetic gear oil without (or low level of) friction modifiers.
I think it is thinner oil. I use Yamaha lube Friction Modified Plus Shaft Drive Oil (Part# ACC-SAFT-PL-32) for both Grizz and Kodiak differential fluid changes. It was only $10.99 at the dealership. You only need one quart. 0.55 US qt for the rear final gear and 0.23 US qt. for front differential.
Truetrac Diff's working in REVERSE, disspelling any myths that they work differently or possibly not In this video I show the insides of a Truetrac diff and discuss the process of flipping the gear sets to...Buy a 2006 Ford Expedition Differential at discount prices. Choose top quality brands Eaton.
The TrueTrac is so smooth you won't know it's there, but it definitely works. And the gear mechanism means you don't have clutch plates to wear out, and it doesn't need special trac loc oil or additives - just regular gear oil. TrueTrac for sure. The Truetrac provides superior handling a traction at high speeds, even in heavy snow or icy conditions. The Truetrac offers no resistance in the steering wheel because of its smooth power transfer between the wheels!The Detroit Softlocker™ is a tough depndable, automatic locking differential. The new Softlocker features special dampening in ...

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