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  • Combination of E2E and API tests with mocha, chai, webdriverio and postman Hi, is it possible to do this? I was thinking I first write a normal e2e wdio test which enters some data into my company’s software then it’s supposed to sync to a partner software which I can test via their api with postman/Newman.
  • WebDriverIO – Run your first automation script. The following are the steps you need to follow for executing your first Test Automation Script using WebDriverIO tool:-Step#1: Install WebDriverIO. If you haven’t roaming around with WebDriverIO, I’ll quickly explain that it’s a functional test automation framework.
  • WebdriverIO can run multiple capabilities at the same // time. Depending on the number of capabilities, WebdriverIO launches several test // sessions. Within your ...
  • Oct 16, 2016 · TL;DR: WebdriverIO is fantastic. If you’re using Selenium-Webdriver (the official JS library) instead, you’re almost certainly making a mistake. A core part of testing Build Focus is ensuring it concretely works in real browsers. Automating that with Selenium keeps me honest, gives me confidence, and saves me time and effort checking builds ...
  • a WebDriverIO configuration file (wdio.conf.js) was created in the root of our project. the package JSON file (package.json) has some new modules. The main module I want you to focus on is @wdio/cucumber-framework. This is what allows WebDriverIO to understand Cucumber.
The WebDriver language APIs provides ways to pass capabilities to ChromeDriver. The exact mechanism differs by the language, but most languages use one or both of the following mechanisms: Use the ChromeOptions class. This is supported by Java, Python, etc.
In the WebdriverIO sample integration code, Appium's desired capabilities are defined in the parallel.conf.js file located in the examples/run-parallel-test directory. Note the multiple devices listed in capabilities array to specify the list of devices for parallel test execution.
Feb 26, 2018 · To run tests in parallel, your “capabilities” array just needs to contain multiple objects, one for each browser setup. If you have non-browser-specific capabilities to set, such as “project” or “browserstack.debug”, you could add them to each separate object. chromeoptions in webdriverio. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
WebdriverIO allows you to run multiple Selenium sessions in a single test. This becomes handy when you need to test application features where multiple users are required (e.g. chat or WebRTC applications).
Nov 11, 2019 · Selenium WebDriver- Microsoft Edge Browser with tutorial and examples on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XHTML, Java, .Net, PHP, C, C++, Python, JSP, Spring, Bootstrap, jQuery ... Apr 25, 2016 · WebdriverIO is a great addition to your automation toolkit. This 2-part post first walks through configuring WebdriverIO and automating the test process using Gulp, before taking a look at the tests themselves and abstracting using the page-object model in part 2.
Visual Logs automatically capture the screenshots generated at every Selenium command run through your WebdriverIO tests. Visual logs help with debugging the exact step and the page where failure occurred. They also help identify any layout or design related issues with your web pages on different browsers. Where communities thrive. Join over 1.5M+ people Join over 100K+ communities Free without limits Create your own community Explore more communities

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