• 2. reads current coil values for x- and y-axes (let’s call them as X 0 and Y 0 values); 3. records the diffraction pattern (original pattern); 4. changes the x-axis value of the coil by the CV value (so it becomes X 0+CV); 5. records the diffraction pattern (X-modified pattern); 6. changes the x-axis back to the original X 0 value and changes ...
  • Focus, Focus Step, Joystick, Z-axis (Z height), programmable buttons (R1, R2, R3). MF X/Y knobs can be assigned (bind) to other functions. Programmable buttons are user-defined buttons and can be assigned (bind) to frequently used functions. I. Preparation 1. Check and make sure that the Vac. and HT buttons are lit on the microscope
  • an MP-285 for use at a microscope. Many users will find that no other manual is necessary. The second part, “Reference Manual”, provides in-depth coverage of the MP-285. It documents the precise keystrokes (menu navigation) necessary to access each MP-285 function. The Reference Manual also describes, in detail, how to alter MP-285 performance
  • 3-34 Remove the Fine Adjustment Knobs in the AB059300 following manner: Allen \ wrench a) Remove Screws AB3xGSA from the right and lef~ Fine Adjustment Knobs by using Allen wrench. (See Fig .3-8 ,) bJ Pull out both Fine Adjustment Knobs. (See Fig. 3-8.) Left Knob AB059300 Right Knob A8059200 is equipped with It Gear AA782600 and Shaft A8023900.
  • The microscope user interface provides a series of panels containing microscope status information. These cover the binding display, message area and microscope status display. Binding display The binding display panel shows how the user-assignable knobs and buttons on the left-hand and right-hand Control Pads are linked to microscope functions.
  • All microscope functions under control Conveniently located, intuitive operation: three separate function buttons are located behind the right and left manual focus knobs. The user can program these buttons to perform any desired function. Additional programmable function buttons are located on the Leica SmartMove remote control and on the external
176-868-10 Measuring Microscope (with Z-Axis Scale), 200mm x 170mm (8"x6.7") XY Travel Stage, 30x Magnification, Led Illumination Unit and Binocular Tube. Features include: Observation with a clear and flare-less erect image and a wide field of view.. Measuring accuracy that is the highest in its class (and conforms to JIS B 7153).
Nice kit, but there were a few problems on assembly. Z axis lead screw was short, leaving only 32mm stroke and has alot of slack, supposed to be 40mm stroke. Z assembly has 1-2 mm or more looseness and jumps on use. Accuracy of Z is very off from claimed. X and Y axis also are short stroke by 5mm or so.
Student: Well, then it would be just Y=3 because 5*0=0. Mentor: Exactly! So, when X is 0, the function crosses the Y-axis at Y=3, which is exactly what was added on to our equation. Student: OK, so when X=0, Y will always be the number added on to the end of the function. Will this work for non-linear functions too? Mentor: Try it! Fix the two y axes in place, without screw on the cover, by screwing them on the microscope with 4 25mm M4 screws and nuts. Now put the enclosure on the x axis and connect it to the second y axis connector using a little bit of pressure and a 25mm M3 screw. Now align the x axes with the main y axes connector.
Jan 04, 2017 · Plug the microscope into the power socket 2. Clean the eye pieces and condenser lens with lint free, lens cleaning tissue 3. Use rheostat to turn the light intensity to the lowest setting to avoid bulb damage 4. Turn on the power switch at the wall and on the microscope 5. Rack down mechanical stage to its lowest point using the course focus ...
Manufacturer of Profile Projector - Bench Profile Projector, 300mm Bench Profile Projector, Bench Profile Projector 300mm With Linear DRO and 300mm Floor Model Profile Projector offered by Nilpa Consultancy, Mumbai, Maharashtra. microscope body in the X or Y axis direction. The attached scale enables confirmation of the mover position within the stroke. Manufactured by Narishige Co., Ltd. Microminipulator The NT-88-V3 Narishige micromanipulator facilitates precise electrode placement, and its compact units can be freely configured to suit your application.
pulled toward the microscope front. Specimen holder Stage clamping screw Loosen the screw and the stage can be Condenser centering knobs Y-axis low drive control knob Y excursion range: 50 mm. X-axis low drive control knob X excursion range: 76 mm. Main switch Voltmeter Olympus CKX53 trinocular microscope, 100X, 200X, 400X, IPC / IVC x/y stage ... the optical axis/focus knob on CKX53 offers natural hand positioning and makes focusing ...

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