• The attraction to JaMur Zoysia is heavily based on the fact that it is the most drought tolerant zoysia available. The dense, lush turf is known for taking on a beautiful blue-green color, and recovering quickly from heavy traffic.
  • If you're tired of mowing, watering, fertilizing & working all season long to stay ahead of weeds and crabgrass, it's time to consider zoysia. Once you've planted our Amazoy zoysia grass in a new or existing lawn, you'll be rewarded by a lawn that is lush and low maintenance!
  • The price of sod installation in Jacksonville Florida fluctuates depending on which type of sod you choose and how many pallets will be needed. Contact us today for your free sod estimate and exact prices on sod installations. Types of sod we supply and install Zoysia Grass, Empire Zoysia Sod, Bermuda Sod - 419 Tifton
  • For top-rated Zoysia grass installation in Texas, contact Zoysia Grass Sod at 214-317-8301 for professional, friendly service!
  • Evergreen Turf Sod Grass. Evergreen Turf is the premier producer of New Mexico sod grass. All of the sod grass is grown locally and is the highest quality available on the market. If you want a sod grass that is perfectly suited for New Mexico’s climate then look no further.
  • What is Zoysia Sod. Originally from Asia, this grass type is now popular in North America in the zoning regions from 7 to 12. It is a warm weather grass and some of the members of the Zoysia family would turn brown at the slightest hint of cold weather.
Zoysia definition is - any of a genus (Zoysia) of creeping perennial grasses of southeastern Asia and New Zealand having fine wiry leaves and including some suitable for lawn grasses especially in warm regions.
Nebraska Sod is the premier sod company in Lincoln, Nebraska. We have been growing and installing our own sod for over 45 years. Because we grow our own sod, we can ensure our customers get the highest quality product and service. More home builders choose Nebraska Sod than any other sod company.
Loading Hours. Call to order and schedule. for pickup time. Office hours 7-5 M-F Stafford Sod is a retail and wholesale outlet for quality sod products throughout the state of Virginia and available for local pickup at Stafford Nursery in Fredericksburg, VA, or delivered directly to your job site (please call for delivery options).
Fresh Sod Daily • Installation Assistance • Railroad Crossties We deliver every morning to customers in Dallas, Plano & surrounding cities Retail and Wholesale to the Public 12 Months a Year. Hours of operation: Monday – Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Saturdays: 7:00 a.m. until we sell out. Holiday Hours Varies according to the weather.
Myers Zoysia (requires 6 hours partial sunlight daily). Myers Zoysia is a flexible warm season turf grass utilized for many applications. Myers has become the most popular of the Zoysia grasses because of its uniform medium texture and tolerances for heat and cold.Farm fresh SOD is available by the piece, by the pallet and by the truckload at your local Lowe's store Performs best with at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight Zoysia beckons you to take barefoot walks across its plush, dense-packed blades especially created for family outings and backyard picnics, this Grass welcomes a variety of activities ...
Get a wonderful lawn for your residential or commercial space with quality sod from Reid Sod Farm. Located in Freehold, NJ, we have a beautiful blend of Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue. With over 35 years in business, we use top grade seed and state-of-the-art equipment for efficient cultivation. Zoysia Sod Cost. We’ve designed Zoysia sod to be an affordable, cost-effective option for homeowners and property owners who want to eliminate lawn care costs. Before we start, we’ll provide you with a free estimate, so you know exactly what you’re paying. We Are the Best Zoysia Grass Supplier Near You

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